Cookbook - The Food of Our Times

Does a cookbook with more than 165 mouthwatering recipes contributed by members and friends of the Alliance on Aging and Vision Loss, including main dishes, desserts, holiday favorites, and much more sound appetizing to you?  If so, the AAVL Cookbook, “The Food of Our Times” is just what you need! This special collection has been compiled in your choice of formats for just $20. Orders may be placed immediately. 

The downloadable formats ($20) are currently available. This choice will entitle you to both downloadable formats: large print MS Word and accessible large print PDF.

The mailed format ($20) that can be shipped is pre-UEB(regular) braille.

Order your copy today using PayPal or credit or debit card using the donate button below or send your check or money order payable to AAVL to Treasurer Kathy Gerhardt, 2456 Edgewater Dr., Poland, OH 44514 or contact her at 304-283-7424 or

Thank You and Bon Appetite!

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