September 26 AAVL Special Meeting Concerning Voting

Pursuant to an amendment to Bylaw 9 made at the July AAVL Convention, President Jeff Thom is calling a special meeting for September 26 at 7 PM Eastern Daylight Time for the purpose of considering amendments to the AAVL bylaws relating to authority to vote at future convention meetings in a hybrid or virtual manner and to vote using virtual methods. The exact content of what shall be considered will be read at that meeting and sent out ahead of time.

AAVL Mission

The purpose of the Alliance on Aging and Vision Loss is to strive to improve the well-being of adults experiencing vision loss through ... Read more

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Welcome to Alliance on Aging and Vision Loss

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The Alliance on Aging and Vision Loss (AAVL) is a non-profit organization in which membership is open to blind, visually impaired and sighted individuals.  While people of all ages are welcome to join, AAVL focuses on concerns of persons who have lost or are losing sight later in life, or who have dealt with sight loss for much of their lives and are now entering their later years.  It advocates for the improvement of the social, economic and cultural status of adults with vision loss, supporting education awareness and adult rehabilitation programs for the blind and visually impaired.  To accomplish this, it investigates both governmental and private services that may benefit its clientele.  In addition, it seeks to sponsor cultural, educational and athletic activities of interest to its members and to inform the public about sight loss in older populations.  Its members also provide mutual encouragement and support through social interaction.  AAVL is a special interest affiliate of the American Council of the Blind (ACB).
In furtherance of its mission, AAVL has established this web site to provide information that may be of use both to those persons who are currently experiencing vision loss and to those persons who have dealt with sight loss for some time.  This web site's Organization page has information about AAVL’s organization and governing structure including a list of its current officers and board members.  The Events page provides information about events sponsored by AAVL or in which it participates. The Resources page provides outside resources serving persons with vision loss including government agencies and private organizations. The Transportation and Mobility page offers transportation and mobility options and training. You may also find helpful the Technology page and the Commercial Aids page. Make sure to check out the Recreation page which describes recreation and entertainment activities specifically for low and no vision persons.  Finally, the Donations page describes how to make donations to AAVL, which is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization and all donations are welcome and tax deductible.
AAVL maintains a listserv where its members post information and communicate with each other.  The address to subscribe is

For more information about AAVL or to join, please contact its President at, download 2022 AAVL Membership Form here or visit our Membership page.
You can help support AAVL’s activities by purchasing delicious chocolates, nuts, and snacks as part of AAVL’s Terrilynn fundraiser. To access this fundraiser, go to  or call 800-323-0775. If you call,  be sure to let them know you are calling for the AAVL fundraiser. If you have any questions or need any assistance you can also e-mail AAVL fundraising chair, Paul Lewis at Thank you for supporting AAVL!

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