Commercial Aids

Quite a few merchants sell a variety of products for blind and visually limited persons.  They offer white canes, magnifiers, braille and talking watches, clocks, scales, thermometers and other products, specialized cooking equipment, and more.

  • The BlindShell Classic 2 is an accessible cell phone for people with any degree of sight loss.  BlindShell has tactile buttons and is menu driven so there is no swiping and tapping like on a smart phone.  The BlindShell Classic 2 is loaded with customizable settings and Apps.  Notable features include AIRA, Google Outlook, Internet Browser and podcast player.
  • A  member of AAVL has started a business of making and selling products that benefit people with low vision.  He was motivated by his own low vision and inability to find products that meet his needs.  Visit his site at:
  • Computers for the Blind (CFTB), which was formerly The Texas Center for the Visually Challenged, is a volunteer organization that provides affordable refurbished computers with accessibility software to persons who are blind or visually impaired.  Its computers are equipped with Windows 7, a licensed version of MAGic without speech screen magnification software and NVDA screen reader software.  The computers also have trial versions of JAWS screen reader software and Talking Typing Teacher, a talking typing tutorial software.  Training is also provided.  Information can be found by calling (214) 340-6328 or by visiting CFTB's web site at:
  • The following are sites for some of the larger online merchants:
  • People with disabilities can find special equipment to suit their needs under the "Accessibility" section in Apple's online store.
  • The following web site provides accessible manuals, guides and "cheat sheets" for operating many common items, including computers, cell and smart phones, other small electronic products, measuring tools, radio equipment and more: