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AAVL is governed by elected officers and a Board.  Current officers are as follows:
President: Doug Powell,
Vice President: Anisio Correia,
Secretary: Sharon Strzalkowski,
Treasurer: Kathy Gerhardt,
President Emeritus: Jeff Thom

All officers serve on the Board.  The other current Board members are Danette Dixon, Larry Johnson, Sue Staley and Sandy Troiano.

Contact Information:

AAVL Treasurer: Kathy Gerhardt

Phone: (304) 283-7424

Committee Contacts:

AAVL 25th Anniversary/Awards Committee Chair: Larry Johnson

Advocacy Committee Chair: Anisio Correia See the Advocacy Committee page.

By-Laws Committee Chair: Sandy Troiano

Events Committee Chair: Danette Dixon

Fundraising Committee Chair: Paul Lewis

Membership Committee Chair: Sharon Strzalkowski

Nominating Committee: Regina Marie Brink

Publication/ Outreach Committee Chair: Katie Frederick