AAVL Membership Drive

AAVL continues its membership drive.   Whether you are renewing your membership or are just learning about us and our work, I am inviting you to join our organization and our fight to improve the lives of Americans who are older and who are experiencing sight loss.
Whether it is:

  • A weekly Zoom support call, or
  • Sharing hints and techniques with others who have lost some sight at an in-person event, or
  • A monthly Zoom event talking about topics such as identity theft and how to avoid it, or
  • Getting on an advisory council in your community to improve local services, or
  • Starting a state chapter of AAVL in your state, or
  • Advocating for a national law that will increase funding so all can overcome sight loss, 

you need us, and we need you.  We need your help to get the work done, and you need us to provide training, guidance, support, and camaraderie. 
I’ve heard it said that health is a function of participation.  If that is true, then, as older people, we need to participate even harder to stay healthy.
Our membership drive is ongoing, and the sooner you submit your dues, the sooner you start the journey to healthy participation.  We’re here to help and guide and thank you for your efforts, time, and money.  Dues are $15 for a year, and $200 for a lifetime membership. 

For more details, please go to our membership page.
(California residents should contact Denise Weddle at  deaniew21@verizon.net or 310-306-8149 and Oregon residents should contact Leonard Kokel at leonardkokel@gmail.com or 541-888-0846 to register).
Start celebrating now for a happy new year!
Thank you,
Doug Powell, President